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Pallas Wong

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Mount Xiqiao, China
03-31 July, 2019

1 IN 12 Project Video

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Over 92% of the public said they couldn’t see the number on the projected colourblind test.
It is because it can only be revealed by the ones who have a colour vision deficiency.
According to the National Health Service, every 1 in 12 men (8%) in the world are colour-blind, mostly by a hereditary condition. It is still incurable and, has been neglected by the society for decades.
We wanted to create something different, something memorable. An optical illusion projection that assembles spectators to stop, and experience the struggle of not seeing, just like those ONE in every 12.
Therefore, we have inverted the principle of the original Ishihara Colour Perception Test, and presented a reverse version of it at the heart of London during the Lumiere Light Festival.
With the support from the British Film Institute, RNSS, and Goldsmiths, University of London. We are proud to say that, we did it, and the result, was AMAZING!


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Over 92% of the population didn't pass this colorblind test. What about you?


Project Updates & Highlights



A meaningful lighting display

We wanted to produce a beautiful but meaningful art, which the latter can easily be neglected in the modern artwork. Click here to find out how did we come across all the difficulties in the creative journey of this project, and our vision in the long term.

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Spectators’ Feedback

“A very critical and stunning piece of work”

More than 60000+ pedestrian stopped by and took part in the campaign. Click here watch the interviews and comments.

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Our Team

Creator, Team, Supporter, and Special Thanks

Find out the creative force behind this activation project, and the supporters who helped us throughout.

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